Approaching the end of 2014

A year coming to an end…

Approaching the end of 2014 I feel the need to thank all the people that surrounded me and trusted in me in my professional and personal life.

Looking back at my participation at the  Act Your Age European programme I want to thank the organisers for their support in the programme and Lucy Cash for our intensive collaboration.  Especially now that the main participant of the video installation “My Mountain”, the grade grandmother Ellie Papaioannou has left the earthly life, I feel even stronger about this layer of the installation: how much different generations can benefit from integrating through the sharing of their unique knowledge-culture-experience-way of seeing.

In November it was the premier of my latest performance “ double days”, a performance about the role of women in contemporary society, a piece on gender or more precisely womanhood. During  a transitional stage of my body – a pregnant body – this performance  was created  with passion and spontaneity. It is a performance that shares or exposes personal experiences, a personal piece of mine and its co-creators/performers Milena Ugren Koulas and Rania Glymitsa.  I want to thank them for their generosity in the making of the piece, the rest of the collaborators for this unique process and the audience for sharing with us this voyage.

Through these and many other projects, it feels that through this year my personal life  integrated more than before with the artistic one creating works and projects that for me are both sincere and truthful, exposing myself while reflecting, sharing while acknowledging.

Feeling blessed with the arrival of the new member of my family, it feels that the year has completed, and I am ready and excited for this coming year.

I want to wish you, my family – collaborators – friends- colleagues and to all the people we have connected in one way or another a healthy New Year with appreciation to the small but unique moments that make our lives interesting and happy.