Impressions from Time to Dance Festival Riga Latvia

Nice people, friendly atmosphere, inspiring performance locations, performances which stay in your mind. Time to Dance Festival in Riga Latvia.

Leaving Riga and getting on the plane for Vienna and then Limassol I question myself – what were the strongest impressions I got from Riga.

The festival

Olga’s (Olga Zitluhina) energy, friendliness and instinct created a friendly and inspiring atmosphere within the artists of the festival, as well as with the dance community and audience.

The choice of venues especially the locations in the old city and by the river created images that will stay with me for a long time.

Performing Unusual Suspects in Riga
I am always excited to perform Unusual Suspects in a new country to question cultural differences in the way the audience responses. Maybe Unusual Suspects performance is becoming a social project after all.

Performed in a small boat converted to a theatrical space – an initiative of Latvian artists worth congratulating.

The audience, reluctant at start, slowly let go and soon a clear communication with the audience and me governed the space. Enjoyed every moment of the performance.

I had the honor to be accompanied with the award winning Latvian Saxophonist Artis Gaga, which from the first moment it was clear there was a beautiful connection between us. Thank you Artis.

Three days of workshops on solo making. In these three days I appreciated the hard work of the participants, dedication and above all the pure excitement of dance making, that we sometimes forget… Well done!

A beautiful city with friendly people.