PALLAS (2005)

“Pallas” is an experimental video expressing the physical and psychological reactions evoked by a deserted place, an abandoned cinema near the green line. The cinema becomes itself in its own existence.

Directors: Giorgos Sisamos, Suzana Phiala

Choreographer/ Performer: Evie Demetriou

Editing: Giorgos Sisamos

Music: Simone Binelli, Giorgos Sisamos

Running Time: 6 mins

Production: En drasi 2005

Videodance’05, Thesalloniki International Film Festival,Greece
Dance Screen, Brighton, UK (2005)
Lincoln Centre Library, NY (2005)
Pixeldance Festival, Greece (2006)
XPerimental Film Festival, Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (2006)
IDN Festival, Mercat de Les Flors, Barcelona, Spain (2006)

PALLAS Videodance (2005)

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