when it turns red
when it turns red
when it turns red
when it turns red
when it turns red

when it turns red 
a solo performance by Evie Demetriou 

‘Evie Demetriou’s humorous performance “when it turns red” … speaks about the stress evoked by being consistent with the duties as a parent but also as a lover.
Filling the stage with energy… Demetriou allowed us to laugh… to be moved by the obligation of being perfect.’  Dimitris Athinakis , Cultural journalist , Kathimerini Newspaper

Does being constantly busy or declaring we are constantly busy symbolizes something? Is “being busy” related to our self-worth? Is it a status symbol?  Playing with both abstraction and narration, humour and interactivity the new work of Evie Demetriou questions the consequences of being busy on the body and the self.


Choreography/ Performance: Evie Demetriou
Advisor: Tabea Martin
Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic
Styling: Kristia Michaelidou
Voice Coach: Cathryn Robson
Music: “For Teda” Olafur Arnalds, “Spanish Flea” Herb Alpert & the Tihuana Brass
Photography: Michael Papamichael
Video: Suzana Phiala
Production: En drasi 2017
Supported by Dance House Lemesos

Thanks to Emily Papaloizou, Marios Ioannou, Louiza Papaloizou, Antis Iakovou


6 Oct 2017 – Open House Festival, Ethal Theatre, Limassol Cyprus (Premier)
2 Dec 2017 – NoBody Festival, Dance House Lefkosia Cyprus
3 March 2018 – Dance House Lemesos, Parrallel events of the Cyprus Dance Platform
8 July 2018 – Old Vinegar Factory, The.Yard.Residency Limassol Cyprus
24 August 2018- ΑΝΤΙ-ΣΚΗΝΟ Open Air Theatre Festival, Kato Pyrgos Cyprus
12-14  Sept 2018 c.off Stockholm Fringe Festival Sweden
6 July 2019 Dance Atelier, Reykjavik, Iceland


when it turns red

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