“the more you dance the more you get” I Performances Oct-Nov 2016

8 Oct 20:30  7th Open House International Festival, Synergio, Limassol Cyprus
(sharing the evening with works by Alexander Michael and Pere Faura)
The festival, which focuses in dance and performance, runs between 7-9 oct in different venues in Limassol with international and local works.
Full programme : http://dancehouse.com.cy/en/7th-open-house-international-festival-programme/

11 Oct 21:00 Dimitria Festival, Σφαγεία (LABatoir), Thesalloniki Greece
(sharing the evening with Fotis Nicolaou)
The festival runs between 1-23 oct hosting 42 events of drama, music, literary, visual art, dance, cinema, performance in various venues around the city. The festival aims at a dialogue with the city through the arts, communication between people and trends, coexisting in this fragmented world and partaking in this broader horizon and perspective.
More info: http://dimitria.thessaloniki.gr/51/mainpage

10 Nov 21:00 3rd Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, Antonakis Music Hall, Nicosia Cyprus
(Sharing the evening with artists Ruth Hoth and Guy Saar Ruso <A man with a suitcase>)
The festival runs between 10-12 Nov., hosting five international and five local performances. The festival emerged with the desire to open up a new space empowering the local artists and benefiting from the transformative influence of the contemporary art in the building of new societal identities between communities of Cyprus. The festival strongly believes that with the courage and creativity of the local contemporary artists, the Buffer Fringe can give a valuable and critical perspective on cultural practices and politics in Cyprus.
More info: http://www.home4cooperation.info/BufferFringe

Performance Credits:
Choreography/ Performance: Evie Demetriou
Advisor: Tabea Martin
Lighting Design: Alexander Jotovic
Voice Coach: Cathryn Robson
Styling: Kristia Michaelidou
more info:http://www.eviedemetriou.com/portfolio/the-more-you-dance-the-more-you-get/