Thoughts on AYA Festival Maastricht 12-14 Dec 2013


12-14 Dec 2013

Leaving Maastricht on the way to Cyprus I am thinking all this information I received from the festival.  A festival that was special in the way that combined lectures from scientists, academics and artists, workshops and performances.

Act Your Age Festival did manage to address issues related to age in a very broad spectrum of thoughts, ideas, practice.

I feel that after this festival the way I think of the world has changed.  It has made me realize how important it is to look at each person of any age in a more special way recognizing who they are and what they stand for.  It made me realize that time is not how we all count it but it is also a personal understanding unique for each of us.  It has made me realize that art, and most specifically the art of dance can help us escape from mind processes that can make our body  “disable” in one way or another.

As one of the participants artists of the festival I created a project “My mountain” on intergenerational relationship addressing this issue in a rather poetic way through a video installation in collaboration with Lucy Cash.  I am realizing now that this is a way we could also see life. Illnesses, disabilities, body changes or society status changes due to age can be addressed not with fear but with an “optimism” which can and is proved to be achieved through movement, dance, art.


My Mountain by Evie Demetriou AYA Festival Photo 1

My Mountain by Evie Demetriou AYA Festival Photo 1

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