My mountain video installation- the process

My mountain / video installation


What a fantastic collaboration.

I have been collecting material, taking video shoots, speaking with my grandmother, asking questions to her grandson, for a while now, for a few months now, almost a year… and then my collaboration with Lucy cash started through skype!


I tried explaining virtually the idea, we managed to make an original plan how to work but not a lot was progressing except of our will to meet each other and really, physically start working together!


And it did happened on the 12th of September! Working non- stop, throwing ideas, filming, interviewing, living! Yes “living”. Living in this real worlds where my and Lucy’s age do not matter.  We are dealing with a grade grandmother of 89 year’s old, a grandmother of 74 years old and a child of four years old.  We are “living” in these worlds where love is really present, excitement of life, questions of death. We are not dealing with issues related to career, money, anxiety of the present, stress of development.


Lucy is amazed by the wind, the sunset and the calmness of the sea. I am touched of the two generation coming together with so much in common that no one would expect.


And the process.

So unpredictable that working with no plan is the best plan. Grandmothers are not always available to talk or be filmed. Children are the same. It’s all about instinct, how to approach them,  how to listen, how to lead the way.

Trying to see the world from their eyes, we are fascinated by the sound of the forest, the wings of the birds, the strength of the waves, not to mention dragons, saints, the god.


Being open to put together this puzzle, being open to experience their worlds is the fascinating part that makes my collaboration with Lucy a trip to the past present and future. A trip to the moon as well!


P.S: and the main question remains for the end part of our research. What is it, that makes these distant generations so connected?  So alive.


PREMIER: 24th Sept. Lanitis Centre, Open House Festival