Unusual suspects (2012)
Unusual suspects (2012)
Unusual suspects (2012)
Unusual suspects (2012)
Unusual suspects (2012)
Unusual suspects (2012)

UNUSUAL SUSPECTS (2012) – A solo performance by Evie Demetriou

“Brilliant, fresh and playful. Evie’s capacity to interact with the spectators and to react fast to their responses is quite unique. I appreciated the playful approach to the dance and the dialogue with the audience and the integrity of the artist who played in a zone of danger outside the comfortable territories of contemporary dance”. – Roberto Casarotto, artistic director at Operaestate Festival Veneto


The performance explores the need and desire for an ideal partner and an ideal relationship and the fear of being alone. At the same time it questions the limit between performer and audience, while challenging the performance structure to be flexible to be modified through the audience response.

Concept/ Creation/ Performance: Evie Demetriou
Advisor: Tabea Martin
Musicians: Marios Papare, Andreas Stefanou, Evelthon Michaelides
Music: Yachts (Coco, Steel & Lovebomb), Tango Cancion (Gotan Project), Felino (electrotango), The Professor & La FilleDanse (Damien Rice)
Styling: Kristia Michaelidou, EvieDemetriou
Acting coach: Myrsini Chrisohoidou
Voice coach: Cathryn Robson
Sound Engineer: Jet Cauty, Andreas Pavlou
Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic                                                                                                                           Technical Support: Antis Iakovou

Duration:25 – 30”
Production: En drasi 2012
Video editing: Suzana Phiala

Performances and Touring

11 March 2012 Cyprus Dance Platform, Rialto Theatre Limassol

18 October 2012 Aerowaves Nights, Rialto Theatre Limassol

13 April 2013 E-motional Festival, Bucharest Romania

15-18 June 2013 Time to Dance Festival, Riga Latvia

5-7 Sept 2013 International Dance Festival Abundance,Karlstad Sweeden

24 July 2014 Biennale of Sinop Turkey

16 Dec 2017 Pop Up Festifal, Old Market, Nicosia Cyprus

20-27 July 2017 Nea Kinisi Site Specific Festival, Limassol Promenade


Unusual suspects (2012)

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