My mountain (2013)
My mountain (2013)
My mountain (2013)
My mountain (2013)
My mountain (2013)

My mountain

A video collaboration with Lucy Cash based on an original idea by Evie Demetriou.

Under the frame of Act Your Age EU Project 

My Mountain is a video installation that choreographs the space with sound and image, exploring the barriers and bridges between people through the relationship of Achilleas – a four year old child – with his eighty-nine year old great-grandmother and his new 75 years old friend, Maureen.

“Ok. Let’s put down the truth. My grandmother – I love her; but there is a wall between us. I haven’t done the things that she expects me as a woman, to do. Through my children I find ways to approach her. It is like a gift to her and a gift to me.

And then there is our skin. How often do we really feel other people’s skin? Yes on babies we all want to feel this skin, but not the skin of other people – especially as they grow older. Even with our partner, do we feel their skin? Do we explore it? When we hug or touch do we allow ourselves to feel the skin, the texture?” E.D

original concept – Evie Demetriou

camera / edit /sound– Lucy Cash

interviews & additional sound recordings – Evie Demetriou

additional music composition – Valentinos Steliou

extract from the song “Υοu have the most beautiful eyes of the world” by Theodoros Papadopoulos. Singer: Sofia Vempo, Lyrics: Kostas Kioushis

sound mix – Duncan Whitley.

participants: Ellie Papaionannou (89), Achilleas Iakovou (4), Maureen Michaelidou (75)

My Mountain video installation is composed by the videos Human Interaction and Zooming in.

Supported by the EU Programme Act Your Age and the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture

Vimeo link: My Mountain – speaking about the process


24 Sept. 2013, Centre of Evagoras Lanitis Limassol, Cyprus

12-13-14 Dec. Act Your Age Festival, Maastricht Holland

My mountain (2013)

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