Let it come Let it go (2007)
Let it come Let it go (2007)
Let it come Let it go (2007)

Let it come Let it go (2007)

“Let it come Let it go” experiments with feelings such as pain, fear, self-punishment, guilt.  Through  repeated movement and video game sounds (mixed live by the DJ) the dancer is parallelised with  a hero of a video game who  is trapped in a circle of emotional situations.


Concept/Choreography/Performance: Evie Demetriou

Original Music Score: Andreas Kaitis

Live DJ Mixing: Michel Phialas
(original soundtracks of video games
Wonderboy & Super Mario)

Artistic Consultant: Elina Ioannou

Costume Selection: Evie Demetriou

Duration: 15 mins.

Production: En drasi 2007

Sponsored by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture


9 March 2007 7th Cyprus Dance Platform , Rialto Theatre, Limassol, Cyprus

15 May 2007 Strovolos Theatre, Nicosia , Cyprus

10,11 November 2007 Tanzherbst festival, Dresden, Germany

30   November 2007 Municipal Centre of Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus

Let it come Let it go (2007)

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